General Provisions of Part Two
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10 General provisions of part two

10.1 Election day

Congress shall designate at least one day every year as confederate election day, and elections and direct votes of the citizens provided for by this constitution shall take place on such day or days.

10.2 Limit on other office of profit

The President, the senators, the representatives or dele­gates to the constitutional convention may hold no other office of profit under the Confederation.

10.3 Compensation of elected officers

Each elected officer shall receive a compensation for his services, which shall neither be increased nor diminished during his term in office.

10.4 Sunset clause

Legislation of any kind except this Constitution, shall expire no later than 35 years after enactment.

10.5 Sunrise clause

So as not to interfere with the Referendum, legislation may not come into force within 6 months of enactment unless expressly authorized by law.

10.6 Confederate budget

10.6.1  Each yearly confederate budget shall contain provisions for contingent liabilities and obligations payable in the future.

10.6.2  Deficits and surpluses shall be carried forward to the next budget.

10.7 Constitutional convention

10.7.1  At least every 25 years, each state shall appoint 2 dele­gates for every senator to a constitutional convention charged with proposing the renumbering (reordering) of the in­dividual clauses of the constit­ution by putting them in a logical sequen­ce.

10.7.2  Re­ordering does not extend to changing the wording of the in­dividual clauses beyond their numerical desig­nation, or changing their inter­pretation.

10.7.3  After having been approved by a majority of the states, the renumbering shall be submitted to the citizens for approval as one amendment and be approved according to the ordinary rules for amending the constitution.

10.7.4  The convention may also propose to the states the repeal, amend­ment, clarification or amalgamation of outdated sections, or the insertion of new sections, but each change according to this subsection shall be proposed as a separate amendment.

10.8 Prior law

Directives and prior legislation by the European Community shall have the force of confederate law.

10.9 First election

The election of the first President and the first Congress shall be organized and supervised by the states and according to such rules as the states may jointly decide.

10.10 Ratification

This constitution shall come into effect between the ratifying states, when ratified by 5 states.


Revised: 02-07-2004