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About this site

This site is based on "As the People Want It, Blueprint for a new confederation" published by Fremskrittspartiets Utredningsinstitutt, an independent research institute dedicated to political and economic research and analysis in Oslo, Norway in 1992. (ISBN 82-7500-007-6).

The intention of this site is to present a model constitution (hyperlink to Main Features) based on the established concepts of popular sovereignty and knowledge gained from the newer field of Public Choice economics. It is not a Public Choice economics paper as such, but it does try to put to practical use some of the insights provided by this academic discipline.

New readers may wonder why I call for a New Confederation as opposed to a traditional confederation or a federation; or they may wonder: What is a confederation? Look here for the answers and the differences between the powers to "propose and persuade" and the powers to "coerce and compel".

Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Yours sincerely

John F. Knutsen




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