Definitions and General Provisions
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4 Definitions and general provisions

4.1 Majority of votes cast

All votes shall be determined by the majority of the votes cast unless expressly stated otherwise.

4.2 Double majorities

A double majority or a qualified double majority must fulfill the following two requirements: a) It must constitute a majority (qualified majority) of the votes cast by the citizens of the Conf­ederation and b) it must constitute an equal majority (majority or qualified majority) of the state votes, where each state's vote equals the majority outcome of the direct vote among that state's citizens.

4.3   Conflicting double majorities


Conflicts between decisions that have been made at the same ballot by double majority, shall first be resolved accor­ding to the number of affirmative state votes. 


Conflicts between deci­sions receiving the same number of state votes shall be resolved according to the number of affirmative votes cast by the citizens of the Confede­ration.

4.4 Non-contested real estate

Non-contested real estate is either non-residential real estate or residential real estate where a majority of the resident citizens concur with the owner's decision.

4.5   Precedence


Part one (the compact) of this constitution takes precedence over part two (confederate insti­tutions).


The con­federate institutions collectively hold, no more and no less, than the confederate powers and privileges granted in Part one (the compact).

4.6 Ratification

This constitution comes into effect between the ratifying states, when ratified by x states.

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